We are looking for enthusiastic Master/Ph.D. students and postdocs to research various NWP topics, including global dust-storm prediction, high-resolution NWP model development, dynamical core algorithms development, and industrial NWP product customizations and solutions. Fortunately, we got well-funded from various sources. We are in close collaboration with renowned domestic and international groups and institutes.

Dynamical Core Development

I am interested in dynamical core development with the Low-Mach number Approximate Riemann Solver (LMARS). LMARS is explicitly tailored towards geophysical fluid motions, which are primarily non-vacuum and non-sharp-discontinuous, therefore achieves high efficiency and accuracy comparing to traditional Riemann Solvers. LMARS connects the well-developed traditional non-staggered industrial CFD applications with simulating vastly varying scales of motions in complex geophysical flows. Applications in both Earth and Jovian planets atmosphere proves the desirable performance of the LMARS-powered dynamical cores.

NWP Applications

I am also working on various NWP related applications and products, such as weather service customizations, prediction validations, post-processing corrections. One of the most recent projects is to create a production-ready global dust-storm prediction system, which can accurately capture large-scale dust transportation processes and the detailed structures of the small-scale haboobs.